ElectricBear Studios, the award winning company that changed the face of beauty with their award- winning direct-to-DVD series “BEAUTYCAST” has done it again!

This new series will be hosted by Victoria, Brie, Erin and joined by a professional Makeup Artist. They are dedicated to helping each person become the
Supermodel that only they can be!

Everyday our hosts will take you on a wonderful adventure full of beauty, health, and life! Come join us Monday through Friday for this exciting new venture- The FIRST Daily Mobile Magazine. Viewers will be encouraged to email, Skype, or follow us on Twitter to ask questions, give comments and tell us exactly how their lives have been changed. Finally, a magazine that you don’t just just read; you experience it!

Magazine Content
Each issue will contain four of the following segments-

MAKEUP MAGIC– Join us at the makeup table to try out new products, along with beauty hints and tips.
SPA CENTRAL– Refresh, and rejuvenate yourself with expert advice on body care and relaxation techniques, including sleep!  NAILS, NAILS, NAILS– A hands-on demo of the latest products and polishes as well as techniques for fashion fun and overall nail health.   MOVIE MADNESS– Movie reviews and ratings CELEBRITY CONTACT– interviews and gossip from the entertainment industry FASHIONISTA– Sponsored in part by RUNWAY magazine- covering the fashion industry and latest trends  LIGHT ON LITERATURE– Book reviews and interviews with authors  WOMEN IN THE SPOTLIGHT– Interviews with, and stories about, accomplished women and their incredible achievements.  RADICAL RECIPES– recipes with guest Chef Kevin from the popular series FACES OF ITALY! ROAD TO ROMANCE– Sponsored in part by Pampered Passions- a little bit of lingerie, and a lot of love and life! MEANING OF MASSAGE– for both you and your partner. Rid each other of stress with your own magic fingers!

Each weekday our half-hour magazine will be broadcast LIVE in the morning and rerun throughout the day for your convenience! You can find us either on http://www.YouAreTheSupermodel.com site or on your favorite beauty, beauty blog or fashion site! If you missed the live broadcast, no problem – each edition will be available for instant streaming for 24 hours.

Feel free to watch on your iPhone, Android or other media enhanced mobile device, iPad, tablet, PC, Mac or television. Join our FREE fan club
Send us your questions! Who knows? You may wind up on the show to get your questions answered, share your own tips, or just visit with the hosts.

From recipes to skincare- your life is about to get a whole lot more mobile! Join us for this historic event and become part of the Supermodel family! Watch, learn, contribute, but most of all, enjoy! After all…isn’t that what LIFE is all about?