Meet Our Hosts


We are happy to have the extremely talented and professional Victoria, to host You Are the Supermodel. Victoria is also a makeup artist and stars in the Italian cooking series “Faces of Italy”.


A very talented and vibrant personality joins the cast of You Are the Supermodel. Brie lives in Orlando, Florida, and when she is not acting, she attends the University of Central Florida. Brie’s acting extends from theatre to television and film. Among her skills is juggling and playing the flute!


Erin brings her bright and bubbly personality to the cast of You Are the Supermodel. Born in Washington, she moved to Florida when she was 12. Erin loves to cook, sing and spend time with her family. She has been singing since she learned to talk! She has starred in the award-winning “Krysta’s Castle”, and is very excited to be part of the cast of You Are the Supermodel.


Melissa Collado was born in Bronx, New York. After graduating from school, she started modeling, but very soon followed her heart into the world of acting.  She was a natural for this career choice, which was proven by the point that she landed her very first acting gig at her very first audition!! This was the lead role for a music video for Carlos Luciano “Divino Dios” in 2007. Since then, Melissa has worked on music videos,  movies,  commercials and  print ads.  She is very excited to be working with the producers of the award winning ElectricBear Studios, in the new Live Fashion Magazine You Are the Supermodel.